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Read on to find out how Project Pragati came to life and what we aim to achieve, and how. 


The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted all parts of the world. It combines a health emergency, a severe economic crisis and a global economic downfall all in one- a setback that has now become the largest global recession in history. Despite the indiscriminate heath aspect of the disease, many regions of the globe- particularly developing nations, have been intensely hit. 

Most of these countries do not have enough medical resources, hospital capacity and front line staff. However, managing the disease is only a part of the challenge. Many of them are highly vulnerable to global economic shocks- the effects of which are likely to be long-lasting. 

Small scale businesses in these countries face more hardships now than ever before. Struck by reduced customer demand, grave financial insecurity, and even the daunting prospect of closure- most of these businesses are on their last lives and require our support. 

We at Project Pragati want to tell their stories, recognise their challenges and bring about tangible change by facilitating discussion and exploring possible solutions that may help them overcome the economic downturn. 



Exploring solutions that may help the businesses cope with the economic decline. Educating the youth about economic matters and making small-scale businesses aware if their options.


Amplifying their messages, informing people of their existence and encouraging everyone to choose them over online retail. 


Facilitating discussion through our #PragatiBlog- a creative outlet where the youth can share their perspectives on global economic matters. 


With our #LetsTalkBusiness video interview series on Instagram, we bring the untold, heartfelt stories of small-scale business owners from all over India to you. 

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