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Read on to find out how Project Pragati came to life and meet our team! 

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Saira Saundh

Graphic Design Head

Saira has always been passionate about advocating for different social issues and giving back to her community, which is why she is a part of Project Pragati. More than anything, she loves expressing herself creatively whether that be through art, writing, or even music. In the future, she aspires to venture in the business world while keeping her creative pursuits close by her side.

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Khushi Popli


Content Writing Head

As someone who has always considered social work to be an integral part of her life, Khushi strongly believes in the power of social entrepreneurship and the prospect of volunteerism. Through Project Pragati, she aims to empower like-minded teenagers across the globe, enabling them to create tangible change in the society. She aims to pursue law in the future, while still continuing to give back to the community. 

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Saanjali Melissa Agarwal

Campaign & Ideation Head

An avid reader, Saanjali has always believed in the power of people’s voices to bring about social justice. She is an accomplished student of economics and business studies and hopes to utilise her interest for the betterment of society by pursuing social entrepreneurship in the future. Through her writing, she aspires to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds by providing them with a platform to share their stories with the world.

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